Spring delivery of decorative twigs and boxwood balls

7. März 2019

We expect a large delivery of decorative twigs, including:

  • decorative grass
  • bilberry
  • heather, onion flower
  • fern
  • geranium
  • mint
  • aloe
  • asparagus
  • garlic
  • holly
  • boxwood

In addition boxwood balls.

We encourage you to place orders.

Aloe A346

Asparagus A350

Asparagus A352

Asparagus A371

Asparagus x 7 A607

Bilberry A314

Bilberry A314K

Bilberry A229

Bilberry A422K

Bilberry A595

Boxwood A600

Boxwood A601

Boxwood ball Z010

Boxwood ball Z079

Boxwood x 7 A605

Boxwood x 7 A608

Decorative grass A280

Decorative grass A300

Decorative grass A280K

Decorative grass A214

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