Letzte Lieferungen

21. Mai 2019

Delivery of twigs, bouquets, garlands and flower heads

In the last delivery we have received, among others leaves, decorative and floral twigs, in addition garlands, bouquets as well as flower heads.
The huge flower head of Dahlia W537 deserves a special distinction - in a full palette of colors.

10. Mai 2019

Decorative cardboard boxes

W dostawie nowe kolory ozdobnych pudełek kartonowych.

8. Mai 2019

Green bases and sprigs

In the delivery another green sprigs and bases in tear, ball and circle shaped.

8. Mai 2019

Leaves, flower sprigs and bouquets

The latest delivery has just arrived, and in it:

- a large selection of leaves

- flower twigs (lily-of-the-valley, carnation, magnolia, peony)

- bouquets (e.g. cornflower, rose, peony)

and other items.

We invite you to place orders.

29. April 2019

Cotton mesh ribbons - colors

In the last delivery we have received a cotton mesh ribbon in the choice of colors.

26. April 2019

Vase inserts and casings

In the delivery we have received vase inserts, flowerpots and casings.

24. April 2019

Sword lilies satin - new colors!

Sword lilies satin in three sizes and a large palette of colors - we invite you to purchase!

18. April 2019

Decorative cardboard boxes - a selection of designs and colors!

We have received new designs and colors of decorative boxes as well as flower boxes.