Letzte Lieferungen

13. Februar 2019

Exotic dried, wreaths

In today's delivery we have received dried plants, among others: lotus, palm bark, mahogany spoon, coco shell. In addition, in the delivery fascine and moss wreaths.

We invite you to purchase.

12. Februar 2019

Decorative mesh and satin ribbons

In the last delivery we have received a decorative mesh as well as following sizes and colors of satin ribbons.

12. Februar 2019

Flower heads of peony, dahlia and freesia

In the last delivery we have received flower heads of peony, dahlia, rose and freesia.

We encourage you to place orders.

8. Februar 2019

Catkins - a large selection!

Catkins on sale, with leaves or not, available in various types and sizes!

8. Februar 2019

Floristic wires

We encourage you to familiarize with the delivery in which we have received different types and colors of floristic wires and decorative aluminum rings.

6. Februar 2019

Jute fabric

6. Februar 2019

Flower sprigs of daisies, lilies and roses as well as flower heads of dahlia

Already on sale beautiful flower sprigs of daisies and roses in the mix of colors, as well as flower heads and sprigs of lilies, also impressive flower heads of dahlia.

5. Februar 2019

Satin lilie

5. Februar 2019

Flower sprigs and Easter decorations

Our offer has been increased by the delivery of sprigs of lily of the valley, poppy, daisy, orchid, iris, daffodil, lily, roses.

In addition, the delivery includes spring candle centerpieces, that will be a great decoration of the Easter table.

Place your order today!

4. Februar 2019

Exotic dried plants and flowers

In the latest delivery of exotic dried we have received:

  • fascine wreaths
  • bell cup
  • mintola ball
  • mahogany
  • palm tree bark
  • cane cone mini
  • curly willow
  • lotos
  •  and others.

29. Januar 2019

Jute fabric and feathers

In the offer again decorative jute fabric as well as colorful feathers.

25. Januar 2019

Sprigs of apple tree, larkspur as well as flower heads

In the last delivery we have received:

  • sprigs of a blossoming apple tree
  • orchids
  • larkspurs
  • peony bouquets
  • flower heads of artichoke, gerbera, peony, amaryllis, rose, orchid

24. Januar 2019

Floral accessories

In the newest delivery we have received floral foams, including cubes dry and wet, foils, agro mini, cylinders, table deco maxi and floral accessories (suction cups, florist tapes, tubes).

24. Januar 2019

Flower heads of roses, magnolias as well as sword lilies satin

In delivery we have received flower heads of rose and magnolia, as well as beautiful sword lilies satin.

23. Januar 2019

Leaves, sword lilies, orchid

In our offer appeared leaves, mix of colors of sword lilies satin, as well as satin orchids.

21. Januar 2019


In the last delivery we have received a wide selection of casings. We especially recommend Easter casings, will be a great home decoration.