Letzte Lieferungen

21. August 2019

Delivery of green bases

In delivery large selection of green bases.

20. August 2019

The delivery of bestselling sword lilies is already on sale!

In the delivery a selection of the colors of our best-selling sword lilies G399, L759 as well as L760:

13. August 2019

Wicker baskets - new designs!

Already on sale the delivery of new designs of wicker baskets bleached.

9. August 2019

Rattan and jute fabric

In delivery rattan and jute fabric.

9. August 2019

Delivery of flowerpots and casings

In the delivery of our best-selling flowerpots and casings. A wide selection of colors and designs.

7. August 2019

Chrysanthemum W208 and W405 and others

Delivery includes the expected W208 and W405 chrysanthemum in the choice of colors.

In addition, the supply of stems, forget-me-not and fern leaf.

7. August 2019

Hearts of tree bark

In delivery we received a beautiful, rustic heart - made of bark, in two sizes.

29. Juli 2019

Large leaf delivery - new designs

We received a very large selection of leaves - classic and exotic.

Take a look at the branches in white & black.

26. Juli 2019

Wicker wreaths

In the delivery we have received wicker wreaths, in natural color, brown and bleached.

24. Juli 2019

Twigs, garlands, bouquets

In today's delivery there are several decorative and flower twigs, leafy and flower garlands, in addition an interesting selection of bouquets in the choice of colors.

15. Juli 2019

Rose, zinnia, peony, aster

Delivery includes a selection of flower heads colors: rose, zinnia, peony and astra.