Letzte Lieferungen

31. Juli 2020

A huge delivery of decorative twigs, mats and boxwood balls already on sale!

We are pleased to present you a huge delivery of decorative twigs, green mats and boxwood balls.

We highly recommend the MR001 mesh for attaching artificial flowers, which will allow you to create compositions on the walls. It will work both in interiors and in the decoration of special events, such as weddings or baptisms. The only limitation in composing them is our imagination :)

25. Juli 2020

Flower heads of chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, and roses

We invite you to view the proposals of flower heads that have recently appeared in our warehouse.

In summer, fresh flowers do not work well - although they are beautiful - they wither quickly. A great solution is to create your own composition, regardless of whether you want to decorate the interior of the house or create a beautiful bouquet for the grave of a loved one.

We invite you to see the flower heads of chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and roses. The summer composition will also be diversified by the cosmos flower heads, available in our online store.

14. Juli 2020

Two models of hydrangeas in a full color palette

The delivery includes two models of hydrangeas in a choice of colors.

13. Juli 2020

Delivery of casings and pots

Delivery includes a selection of pots, pots and coasters.

7. Juli 2020

Delivery of gift bags and wicker casings

New designs of gift bags and wicker casings included in delivery.