Letzte Lieferungen

3. Juli 2019

Twigs, bouquets, garlands

Delivery includes, among others, carnation, clematis, forsythia, gerbera and alstroemeria garland, and others.

1. Juli 2019

Exotic dried plants and flowers

In the latest delivery of exotic dried we have received:

  • lotos
  • screw bean
  • palm tree bark
  • cane cone
  • fascine wreaths
  • and others

26. Juni 2019

A large delivery of bouquets at a good price!

New delivery of bouquets on sale!

A large selection of mixes at very attractive prices.

24. Juni 2019

Leaves, ivy, trees ...

Delivery includes a selection of leaves, three types of ivy, artificial trees and more!

7. Juni 2019

New designs of boxes, wicker, succulents.

In the delivery beautiful decorative boxes, a mix of colors of artificial succulents as well as wicker casings and heart.

2. Juni 2019

Natural casings and rose foam

In the last delivery we have received a new color of rose foam as well as whole range of new designs of natural casings!