Flower sprigs, bouquets, wreaths on candle and flower heads.

23. Januar 2019

A wide offer in the upcoming delivery:
  • flower sprigs: lilies of the valley, poppy, daisy, orchid, daffodil, iris, lilies satin, satin rose
  • bouquets: pansy, lily of the valley, daisy
  • wreaths on candle: with daffodils, daisies, rose
  • flower heads: mini rose, hydrangea satin, rose in bud

Daffodil 1 " U034E

Daffodil 1 " U039E

Daffodil x 3 G378

Daffodil/Daisy 1 " U042E

Daisy G087

Daisy QA049

Daisy 1 " U044

Hydrangea satin W528B

Iris x 2 G382

Lily L724

Lily L725

Lily of the valley G028

Lily of the valley Q961

Lily satin x 2 L656

Lily stem x 3 N144

Mini rose W290

Orchid G121

Pansy Q960

Poppy G075

Rose G375

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