Flower sprigs, stems and more!

25. Januar 2018

In the upcoming delivery we expect to receive: flower sprigs (freesia, daisies, poppies, cornflowers), stems (chrysanthemums, dahlias, carnations), flower heads (dahlias, gerberas, peonies, carnations), bouquets (violets, roses, lilacs), asparagus as well as the hydrangea bouquets bases and fern leaves.

Asparagus A128

Asparagus A545

Carnation W035

Carnation stem N082

Chrysanthemum stem N080

Cornflower G347

Dahlia satin W537

Dahlia stem N033

Fern leaf A010

Freesia G348

Gerbera W298

Hydrangea bouquet base x 5 N042

Lilac QA023

Peony satin W592

Poppy G346

Poppy/Cornflower/Daisy G358

Rose x 5 Q979

Violet x 12 Q981

Violet x 25 Q372

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