Flower sprigs, stems and more!

18. September 2017

In the upcoming delivery we expect to receive: flower sprigs (freesia, forget-me-nots, orchids), stems (chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, dahlias, peonies, magnolia), flower heads (dahlias, roses, hydrangeas, peonies, magnolia, clematis), bouquets of azaleas and hydrangeas as well as fern leaves.

Azalea x 7 Q313

Carnation stem N008

Chrysanthemum stem N004

Chrysanthemum stem N035

Chrysanthemum stem N080

Clematis W572

Dahlia W531

Dahlia satin W537

Dahlia stem N012

Fern leaf A010

Forget-me-not G108

Freesia G348

Hydrangea W618

Hydrangea x 7 Q347

Magnolia W327

Magnolia stem N107

Orchid G178

Peony satin W592

Peony stem N108

Rose stem N070

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